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Bingo, I've sorted out my problem getting the 828mkll to slave of the mk3 to give me 16 outs to my mixer. I had followed a walkthrough on motu's website which showed how to configure this to work from the adat connections, but i was getting no sound out of the mkll, i went over it a few times but tonight i flicked over the setting of the main mix bus 1 /2 /3 /4 to Analog 1-2 3-4 5-6 7-8 instead of Adat 1-2 3-4 etc,.

But talk about a long time getting to this for me at least!! anyhow wanted to post this for anyone else trying to configure these because i didn't find it that straight forward, but the end result was well worth it. I can now get back to trying to make some music.