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Old 3rd April 2016
SSL SuperAnalogue Dynamics - variety of uses?

I just scored a pair of SSL SuperAnalogue Dynamics modules and a Mynx chassis for a great price, really looking forward to getting to know these. I was searching around the forum and was surprised there weren't more descriptions of how others were using these. Was hoping some people might chime in.

These are for contemporary classical ensemble music, winds, strings, percussion, and piano, often with electronics. But mostly 2 channel Blumlein recordings with a stereo ribbon. I bought them first to use as a limiter in front of an Avalon opto, which I love how I can pinpoint overbearing resonances to dial down, like clarinet multiphonics or flute high notes, or shrill violin. But I don't like how it handles percussive things at all, so I wanted to put the SSLs first to catch peaks. I'm also interested in using it as a parallel comp to bring up low level detail or to make the transients more aggressive. I've tried this with a pair of DBX 560as and with the Waves SSL plugin, and it's definitely the effect I was hoping for but they both make it a little too hard sounding. I was thinking the SuperAnalogue modules would be so much more hi-fi that they would be able to do this a lot better. I've made some recordings on a Duality before, just using the SA preamps, no processing, but wow did I love that sound, main reason I bought the comps.

In general, I'm looking for these to either handle peaks in a hi-fi way, the music I record is VERY dynamic and I love single location recordings but it creates a lot of problems. But I'm also hoping these will help me move the music forward if I want, make it have more impact and kick. For example, I'm attaching a short piano piece that is extremely explosive. Wanting to make it even more explosive. The chain is AEA R88>AEA TRP>Apogee Symphony i/o -- I know the ribbon actually mellows it somewhat, I love that the highs are not metallic with this mic and the low end is big and clear, I'm hoping SSL will give it more oomph. Any users have advice or comments? (BTW, I'm going to record all the piano music by this particular composer over the next year or two so)
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