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I've heard all the Antelopes and I currently use the Eclipse 384 with the Symphony IO for the same purpose myself. Unless you go seriously high end, all you're getting is an averagely good 2 channel converter that relies a lot on the marketing and legacy of their top of the line units. In short, unless you're buying a Rubicon, Eclipse, or Zodiac, I would avoid. Best to do A/B tests and hear the difference. Even with the high end, you might also be surprised at how little the difference is, and decide that it's not worth the money.

In your description, it seems like the DA of Zodiac (basic version?) is better than the DA of Pure2? How about the DA quality of other Antelope products compare to these two? Would you rank the DA quality of all the DAC or ADDA of Antelope? Maybe along with the symphony IO and the Apollos if you have ever listened to them?

I'm trying to upgrade my interface from the little Duet (latest version). They are great for the size and price but I assume the higher end products will provide even better quality of sound. I'll connect them to my Mac directly. The monitors I'm using are the Solo6s.

I also wonder if the upgrade of DAC will make a huge difference.

Really look forward to hear back from you. thanks!