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Don't want to derail the thread but I (and other live mixers) didn't really think there was anything special about the sound of console and I especially didn't like the virtual dynamics. It did not sound like a classic Neve and it certainly didn't sound like a 9098 to me.

Although everybody jumped on it when it first came out because of the Neve designed Mic pre and EQ which is all people talk about with this console, and the facilities it offered, but I remember some reliability issues and it disappeared off the live sound circuit in a hurry. It did not have 9098 pre-amps as some people were claiming, the pre-amps were similar to one of their other boards and was as plain as vanilla. If you want to go deeper we should start a new thread.
Thanks for elaborating. We won't derail this thread. However the 9098 is very similar to the Recalls RN modules (not the RL) according to Dave Rochester who worked at Amek for 10 years and continues to service these desks.

The CIB and 9098 rack mount units still sell for about $1000 each on Ebay so that says a lot about holding their value and what the market thinks of them.