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Originally Posted by Jason rocks View Post
TLM 103 pros:
1. It has the Neumann name and badge which honestly more people are familiar with and makes you feel a little better.
2. It is a larger mic and looks more impressive.
3. It has a bolder mid sound that is amazing for voice overs.
I guess my take on Number 1 is that it puts you in the position where, if the client doesn't like the sound, the problem can't be the mic -- it a Neumann! -- so the problem must be you. Of course if nobody can hear the difference, we're all good.

As for Number 2, yes it's bigger and has a bit of heft to it and boy does it ever look like it should sound good. They knocked that part out of the park. It's the Porsche 914 of microphones.

Number 3 doesn't square with my experience with the 103 at all. Maybe it's just me.

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