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One thing that's very interesting and helpful to do (but which few gearslutz seem to do) is to look at the actual response graphs of the mics. The TLM 103 has, according to the manufacturer, a shelf-like HF boost and not a whole lot else of interest. The m930 has a bell-like or peak-type HF boost. If you're hearing a "bolder mid sound" on a TLM 103, it's not coming from the mic.
I don't rely on graph to tell me how are microphone sounds. So many videos on YouTube you hear that full low mid sound of the TLM 103 that you don't get with a lot of microphones. I have compared side-by-side with the Gefell microphone and the 103 has a stronger boost in the low mids. If you disagree that's fine but that's what I hear

In the sound on sound review, there are video clips of both microphones and you even hear the fuller sound in those audio clips