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Hi man, I did a direct and very thorough mic shootout between the m930, tlm103, Mojave m200 & 301fet recently in my own studio and it seems like everyone else is on the same wavelength as me. The neumann and gefell definitely both have a "similar" sound with the only differences probably inaudible to the average joe, but nonetheless there are differences. For me what sums the comparison up perfectly is that the nice characteristics specific to the Neumann, are even nicer with the Gefell.

As said before the m930 has a real smoothness and silkiness (in stark contrast to the very crisp and clear Mojaves (too sanatised for my liking)), with the tlm having a nice "air" to it, but without quite as much class and silk. The m930 is also fuller especially in the mids - which was more apparent during vocal comparison. I believe this to be the reason some people will say that the Neumann will "cut through the mix" better on vocals - because the higher frequencies are more apparent due to the lack of mids.

The only negative thing i can think of is that due to the size of the gefell (and it is rather miniscule) it sounds a tiiiiiny bit more closed - kind of very slightly more dynamiccy (?!) than the more open tlm. But that is a very pedantic gripe which is far surpassed by the aforementioned benefits. I believe Gefell made the m1030 for this exact reason by building the same mic with a larger body lending to a more open sound, but this mic is like £500 more expensive than the m930 - certainly not worth the extra money in my eyes, and putting it in the same league as the top-top-end mics - a dangerous place to be!

So overall man, i think with the gefell and neumann living in the same price bracket i would never hesitate to plump for the gefell, and this is coming from a guy who is very picky and precise with any equipment purchases and who has tried out many, many mics valuing £900 and under. I'm currently trying to find a second-hand gefell m930 myself but they are currently nowhere to be seen - probably a good sign!

Also i currently have a demo gefell m930ts on the way to have a listen to out of curiosity.

I can post a small wav files of comparison if you really want to listen to the tlm, m930 yourself, let me know.