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Here for the gear

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This is about wiring and ground and a DI box does more than that. You'll have to check the output level of the Vulture and output impedance to determine if you need a DI box. But yes, you can use a balanced cable out of the Vulture into a balanced input without worry. I'm pretty sure impedance and gain are fine on the Vulture (I can't remember ever using a DI box with it) and it's just a quirk of Thermionic Culture to run unbalanced for their wiring.

For the input into the Vulture, it depends if your source is balanced (3 pin) or unbalanced (2 pin).
Unbalanced out into the Vulture using a TRS or TS cable won't make a difference.
Balanced out into the Vulture, you need to take pin 3 (cold) and wire it to ground (pin 1) in the cable on the signal source side (not near the Vulture) or you can just disconnect pin 3 (less good). The cable end at the source side can be TRS or XLR-F. The cable end at the Vulture can be TRS or TS.
Thanks! For now I will only run synths and samplers thru the Vulture and the ones I have are all unbalanced. But the out may sometimes be connected to a balanced EQ or compressor. I use the 500 series for that stuff. I got a slot free so maby I´ll get a radial EXTC or something like that....