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Wearing your different hats

Hi Erol,

Thanks again for taking the time to do this. I've been thinking about how to best phrase this question since I saw you were doing the Q&A...

I think my primary fascination with creatives such as yourself, comes down to the many functions you are fulfilling through your roles as a Producer, Remixer, music fan/crate digger, and Label head. Do you find it difficult to differentiate, when you are both intimately involved with producing a band, being a fan of what they do, but also working with them on a more industry-focussed level within the label? Do you ever feel the clash or drag of those philosophies - if there is even such a thing?

How do you manage each facet of your output and input, particularly in projects where you are wearing multiple hats? (Connan for instance)

My presumption is that all of this is just stemming from you being a rabid consumer and music fan, foremost - but I'd love to hear your take on it.

ps. the band I was in back then toured with LoTP when "Bears" had just come out. You really made something special!

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