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Colour me sceptical, but the suggestion that vocals recorded with a Gefell M930 - or most other half-decent mics for that matter - somehow won't 'cut through a busy mix' is pure, meaningless, internet hysteria. It's like saying "If I put cinnamon in this cake you won't taste it." It's all in the mix!

If you really can't try before you buy, have you at least found any WAV comparisons of the mics you are considering?
I've mixed recently 2 tracks for a female singer song writer whose voice was tracked through a m930, and a 610 into a rme. Loved the silkiness, and how natural it sounded and the fact that all the variations in her expression and breathing sounded very very good, as opposed to many mics that sound good just when the singer sings in a certain way. I know the other mics as well except the 930 ts but would like to have your opinions because my experience with those is limited. When I mean a busy mix I mean a Joe Barresi guitar-wall-of-sound-busy, when you want to keep a good amount of high end in the guitars and have them up front in the mix and still have the voice cutting through without having to eq the hell out of it. Not many condenser mics do this well but the U87 can do it. I know that the 930 is a different beast, but was wondering if the 930 ts by having the transformer could have some U87 type of prominence when compared to the transformerless version 930. The 930 ts I haven't heard and that is why I was wondering. Either way I think I will get me a 930 with or without transformer in a near future.