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I've heard that people often compare the m903 with the tlm 103. Are they so similar?
In my experience they are in the same sonic ballpark but not identical, at least when I did a shoot-out on my own voice.

That's probably the most measured response you'll get on Gearslutz on this topic, but then I'm one of the only people who has anted-up and posted WAVs.

I bought the Gefell M930 as I felt it was indeed a bit smoother with its HF lift, and at the time (15 years ago) it was significantly cheaper. It's much cuter as well, which isn't as glib a statement as it may sound if you're trying to maximise invisibility (say for a script or TV).

I've not tried the transformer version.

My only regret about the M930 - I wish I'd bought 2!