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Here for the gear

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Highly recommend you contact Bowie, who is very active here on GS. Look him up in the GS members list and PM him.
He is the tube Yoda and will have recommendations for your C and tubes in stock ready to ship.
IF you want to cut to the chase, ask him about a Telefunken tube. You should be able to go with an AX or AT, both of which will change the character and output of the mic favorably. But he can help you dial it in. Personally speaking, I changed my C tube ( when the stock tube died during a tracking session) to the T funk tube Bowie recommended and purchased both an AX & and AT ( for back up) and installed the AX- the mic came with an AT - and keep the AT on the shelf for back up. The mic is quieter, and the top end is nicely tamed without losing any of the highs.
Thanks. You guys have been so helpful.

The Telefunken tube looks promising. And I've never used one before so it is very tempting to own one. Is it going to make the mic brighter (in a good way)?

Which one should I go for, the 12AX7 or 12AT7? My Ref C is the newest version with the 12AT7 as the stock tube. Other than gain, what is the sonic differences between them from your experience?

Thank you very much.