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There are at least three generations of tube circuits in those mics. I believe the most recent use 12AT7 (that was true last year anyway).

I almost always change tubes in stuff that I get. I got a matched pair of Ref C last year with the 12AT7s - they're new - one of those Russian brands - can't remember which. I have no desire to change them out whatsoever.

Partially it's because my two mics were factory matched, and I think the selection of the individual tubes was probably part of that process. Also, I have had a hell of time finding low-noise 12AT7 tubes in the past, whether NOS or new production - I'm kind of amazed that they found two that are so quiet. Thirdly, the mics sound fantastic as they are.
I do like the result very much but I also have a habit (maybe a bad one) to change tubes in tube mics. So changing it in the future for different tone is the first thing that came to my mind.

Of course, if Manley is putting something into their product, it's going to be very good. There is no reason I must change it but I can't help it.

Thanks for the input.