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Apples, Oranges

Originally Posted by madgansound View Post
The Sytek is not even on the same playing field as the 2022.
Really, I have owned them both and they are surely on the same playing field.
Different, but know one in their right mind can say one is better than the other.
Originally Posted by madgansound View Post
They are at completely different price points (not even close)
Now we're getting to what you truly mean, that you believe a piece of gear's performance is determined by price, which is a complete fallacy.

I've used lower priced gear that I would pick over some of the higher priced stuff and vice versa. We hear this over and over, depends on the situation and what you need to accomplish at that moment.

To give the op some actual real world feedback, the Sytek is a quick preamp. very fast and tight. Probably not my first choice for vocals but excellent on drums. You get 4 channels for way cheaper than the Avalon. Both nice and you can't go wrong with either.

Now, if you want my opinion (which is just that, an opinion) I personally would rather have the A Designs Pacifica over almost ANY ANY price range. The thing is a study of perfection. Best pre I think I've ever used and I've had LOTS of em (Great River, Summit, Langevin, Chandler, Neve, yada yada)
In any case there are sooo many options these days Im sure you'll find something you'll love. Peace