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Here for the gear

Post 5 more questions!

Why aren't there more questions?! I'm totally going to take advantage of the lack of questions by throwing you a ton! I've listened to you for a long time now and DA/GC for a little while now but just found out about Kamera. Awesome sounds are coming out of Phantasy can't wait to see what additional artists come out.

Question 1: She's drawn to conclusions the diagram girl could kiss it away. (awesome track btw!) Where do we find lyrics for artists on Phantasy including BTWS? Hannah Peel did all vocals (male/vocal) on Diagram Girl if I remember reading correctly? What was that process like and is it something you do often?

Question 2: We've had a few threads on here about Daniel Avery/Ghost Culture from Phantasy and the 'sound' that is common on both albums. I'm pretty sure we've narrowed it down but was hoping you could get us some more insight into how the sound was crafted and how much of the sound takes place at your north studio in London. The Korg Mono/Poly seems to be the answer with how the sound was crafted. Based on pictures it looked like a doepfer dark time was used to sequence the mono/poly. Any more information you could provide to enlighten us?

Question 2/3: With a synth that has a crazy filter jumping around constantly like many of the things on Drone logic. How do you go about controlling it and is it something you do in multiple takes and adjust volume on the synth during each piece change or is it some type of hardware compressor?

Question 4: Do most of the Phantasy artists record out of the north studio in London or is it all over the place? How much of Phantasy sound is based on the awesome gear you have available in that studio and in your opinion what sets your studio apart from others?

Question 5: How hard is it managing both a label and yourself as an artist? Do you find that now you're exposed to even more opportunities to get to hear/collaborate with artist because of the label?

I'm sure i'll think of more questions but appreciate you doing this! Freaking awesome dude!