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Old 21st March 2016
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Hi Erol

I'm loving the output of your Phantasy label, and the work you do.

I've been a massive electronic music fan since back in the early nineties, and it's always interested me to see the electronic acts with longevity are those who seem to absorb and wear their more traditional band influences on their sleeves.

After a seeming drought of the best part of a decade, I personally see a direct comparison with the stuff you're outputting (thinking straight away of the Ghost Culture/Daniel Avery albums in particular), and the heavy hitting classic dance albums of the early to mid nineties (Dubnobass.../In Sides/Dig Your Own Hole/Screamadelica etc.) in terms of both grandeur, and production/sounds.

What kind of influences got you into making music, and keep you excited to keep doing so today?