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Old 21st March 2016
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Pops and scratches and the initial hiss of the needle touching the surface are some of the ABSOLUTE MAGIC of vinyl. In the 50s-60's and beyond, I got to the point of knowing EVERY pop location, every scratch, every gremlin location, every slight move into distortion........ IT'S MOJO! And no two records were ever the same....or ever became scratched up the same. What would happen when a record simply became unplayable? You went out and bought another copy.

Of COURSE I expected these gremlins in vinyl and still do. From 1958 onward, I also had tape machines so I knew my tape sound was less of a war zone from my records, but c'mon, vinyl is SUPPOSED to be imperfect. And get more imperfect-er with each playing. Like a worn pair of comfortable pants.

I rolled my eyes at audiophile $2000 turntables when those started appearing. Gheez...... those guys shoulda just gone to cd..... oh, they couldn't.... cd's weren't invented. Those guys reminded me of people in the 50's who had their furniture covered in clear plastic so that the furniture wouldn't get dirty. Anyone remember sitting on those things?

At any rate, hd vinyl has me interested but there is only ONE question I see as relevant to a bunch of things. WHAT PRESSES ARE NEEDED? Will the existing 60yr-old Neumann cutters etc be what's used on the stampers/mothers? Or are we talking about a new type of press? It seems that the existing presses will work.

Which means backlogs and low-margins are still gonna be the norm.

Press/Cutter info is what we need. Maybe I'll go over to Lathe Trolls and see what they know.