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And even though i don't fully understand the aggregate vs adat workflow thing just yet, can i ask would i be best to just get my head around the aggregate thing,even though its a bit more involved as i'll only probably want to do it in the long run anyway, or will i just be complicating things for myself, and if you think the aggregate approach is the way to go,do i still connect via adat pipe or firewire.
All this asked and said i do appreciate that you haven't worked with this particular unit, but any of your wisdom on this is truly appreciated.
Why don't you start by using the Mk2 as ADAT only -- in and out of the MK 3. that way you will do everything inside the MK3 interface software and not have to use 2 different interface panels.

If the "main outs" are unique (and not a mirror of 1&2), then just monitor those and use 8 outs from each unit for your summing stems. If you need 2 more, then do the "trick": it may work on the Mk3 as well -- use those "sends" as your monitors and the front panel as your main summing returns (which you are doing anyway). then borrow the main outs for another pair of outputs for summing.

Back to the pre problem: if your signal is too hot and you can't bypass the front preamps, go into 1 & 2 TRS inputs on the rear. There are definitely no preamps on the back.