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Thank you for this post. Let me take a minute to share some of my personal thoughts and experiences with our esteemed colleague Kidvybes. I met him about 6 years ago via GS. We shared a love of all things Reggae and eventually went on to produce many records together. I truly count him as one of my best friends ever. I was able to talk to him about anything ranging from mics to family to even more personal issues. He was wise beyond measure. All this from a man that I never met in person.

Kidvybes (Dennis) loved mics. He was the most enthusiastic mic lover I have ever met. His personal mission in life was to find under the radar mic companies making great products and bring them to the masses. He owned many many high end mics and would shoot them out with the "new kids on the block" then send me clips for comparison. He was the first person I ever heard talk publicly about brands like Stellar, Prodipe, iSK and more recently 3U Audio (Warbler Series) microphones. Kidvybes new his mics inside and out.

On the musical front, anyone who loves mics needs talent to test them on. Kidvybes would network with talented local singers, help them produce their vocals and even help them write lyrics at times (without credit) and then bring in the musicians to build productions around their songs. Kidvybes and I did several records like this a few of which charted over the last couple of years.

Kidvybes was a generous and caring soul who's only concern was helping others. One time I was working on a production and ran it by him. I said "it's missing something don't you think?" and then after a moment we both said "lead guitar!" So Kidvybes pulls out his contacts list and gives me the number of a Grammy award winning lead guitar player...who played on the track for free as a favor to Dennis in return for previous acts of kindness! That's how much Dennis was loved and respected in the music community.

Here are a couple of in progress tracks he didn't get to see to finish due to his untimely passing. The first is a track by a French and German Reggae crew. Vocals were recorded, produced and mixed by Dennis. Second is a collaboration between him and I. Vocal recording and production by Kidvybes. Mixed by another of our close friends (another GS member).

May his memory be blessed. He will be sorely missed. This is a sad day.

RIP Kidvybes (Dennis)
Sorry for your loss man. I've chatted with Dennis a few times about mics and reggae music. He mentioned that we worked with a producer in CO, which must have been you. You guys have done some really nice productions together. Keep the music alive for D.