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I'm parting ways with my custom "Mlasko American Classic Drums" kit. Aaron Mlasko is a master custom drum builder (google him and check out his website), and built these for me a little over three years ago using NOS Keller maple shells with birdseye maple outer ply. Asking $1,500 for the shells.

If you're in the Seattle area, I've posted it on CL. If you're not but interested, message me and we can discuss shipping options.

Sizes are 9x13, 14x16, and 14x22. Tube lugs and classic hardware -- Vintage style bass drum rail consolette and cymbal mount with matching brackets on toms and bass drum, and vintage style bass drum spurs, claws, and T-rods. I also have a DW rail mount that I'll give you if you want to use it instead.

IMHO, $1,500 is a steal considering the hardware alone (lugs, mounts, etc.) costs around $1k to buy. So taking that into account, you're really only spending $500 for these shells.

It has only gigged at a couple of local shows (no heavy gigging), and has spent almost all it's life in the room seen in the pictures.
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