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what about the Laser Readers .. never touches the Vinyl ..
what I read was that if you have a speck of dust on your record, the laser freaks out and the pop is much worse than it would be with a needle. Perhaps a new kind of record - sealed in clear plastic and unplayable by a needle but still analog and read by a laser - could be made?

I don't know about the sound quality, I never heard it, but this is why: I saw one of the units displayed at a recent AES. I asked how much. It was on the order of $10,000. I looked around the table and realized there were no speakers and no headphones. Absolutely no way to hear it in action. Suspicious.

Now at AES, a number of manufacturers are understandably reluctant to play their fine devices on the noisy convention floor, but they usually have a "room" somewhere where you can go hear it, and these guys did not. Anyway the laser thing has been 'out' for some time. Even at $10k, you would think there would be more people talking about how great it was.

besides, as mentioned above, perhaps that sound of the needle dragging through the valley is a big part of the 'mystique'.