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Hi Maxx!

Well, about transformers, i try first sowter line output 8403X, good iron!. and for this last prototype i try lundahls as they come in pcb version and fit in a 1u rack case.
Capacitors don't have a"sound" on theirs. But they are used to build lowpass filters and block dc in opamp circuitry. The cutoff frequency is key in the design. As for opamps i usually try bipolars from TI, onsemi, national, NE5532 is a good start, it is a classic opamp widely used. For fet input opamps i would try OPA2134 range, rather than the classic TLO range, which are toooooo noisy for today standards.

But, the main clue in audio design, is to get all the pieces together, properly designing each audio stage.

The prototype i'm currently building is not tested yet. I will do as soon as i finish soldering parts and fitting in a custom case i designed...

But two years ago i tested another version which was build only with opamps and line drivers, in a professional studio, where they have two NEVE8816 to compare to, and the owner liked the sound of my unit, as it got a special was interesting.