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Old 12th March 2016
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Focusrite Saffire Pro 14


I've got a few years old saffire 14, what is giving me big trouble. The other day the interface was working fine, but a couple days back the 1st monitor output stopped working. It transmits signal and you can hear it if you put volume to the max, but its still almost inaudible and distorted. Weird thing is that i had done nothing to the interface, it has just been lying on my table.
Its not a cable thing, i've tried switching cables with monitors but it doesn't work, it's the output thats broken.
I know this interface has multiple line outputs which i could use but its annoying because only these 'monitor outputs' have a physical volume knob in front of the interface. The volume of other line outputs must be set from the interface's program 'mix control'. It's not that convenient that you must have your laptop connected all time to the interface if you wanna change the volume, for example when jamming with my synth.

So my question is is there a way to fix this output OR is there a way to change the monitor output knob's function to configure the volume of the line outputs?

thank you in advance

edit: oh yeah, and the 2nd monitor output works fine. only problems with the first one