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Thanks for the info. If I look at the PCB on the electra it seems both pin 4 and 6 goes to/ comes from the same resistor??
I use the API Lunchbox so there's not just problems with the Radial racks.
I much rather cut the trace on the Electras than the Photon, if it will have the same effect.
Thanks for that!
I thought you were using a Radial, moot point though after thinking more on it because an EQ should not connect to pin 6 at all. I think a lot of the racks have pin 6 tied, but my favorite is the Purple Sweet 10 which has patching capability for that pin 6 connection. Even then they call it "Pin 6: Output B – (OPT OUT 1/4" Ring) So much for standards.

The API rack must have all pin 6s tied, as others do, so all it takes is a mis-applied connection to pin 6 to bring down all the compressors that have a pin 6 connection.

I assume that the picture you posted is the underside.
That being the case, if so, is that the - (negative polarity) output connects to pin 6
Pin 4 is the - (negative polarity)... Why would that be connected to pin 6?

So, you should be able to cut the trace at pin 6 on the EQ just above the pin 6 "finger".
Then also check the top side and make sure no other traces connect to pin 6