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The Kush users have reported that the Electra has a connection to Stereo Link (pin 6) but in order to remove that connection, you would have to cut the trace at pin 6.
An EQ should have no connection to that pin which is purposed for compressor linkage only...
There may be a way to defeat the pin 6 connection per slot which would be the proper way to implement this since you might have 2 stereo pairs in a typical lunchbox with 2 separate link connections.

The Radial company has apparently tied pin 6 on all slots together in their 500 racks, which in and of itself is not a problem, possibly wrong implementation but not deal breaking.
This has a negative effect on Pico compressors, IGS Photon compressors and AML compressors if someone uses a Kush Electra EQ in the same rack as the compressors. Probably many more!

Pin 6 is the compressor stereo link pin. Kush did something at pin 6 which makes stereo linking between 2 mono 500 compressors impossible using a Radial 500 chassis/rack and a Kush Electra EQ. We don’t know exactly what they did, but it appears that they must have tied pin 6 improperly to another connection. Pin 6 should be left floating on any 5oo modules EXCEPT compressors that are stereo link capable.

Maybe Radial can chime in and tell us exactly how pin 6 is used in the 500 racks, since this problem keeps coming up?
Thanks for the info. If I look at the PCB on the electra it seems both pin 4 and 6 goes to/ comes from the same resistor??
I use the API Lunchbox so there's not just problems with the Radial racks.
I much rather cut the trace on the Electras than the Photon, if it will have the same effect.
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