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Here for the gear

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I run a tiny studio in LA, record mostly broke ass student, musicians,... not really a for profit thing, although it does turn over from time to time. I'm a Software Engineer, so this is mainly a ridiculously expensive hobby for me.


I can't really find much information on the GAMA 8, I got a chance to dick with one VERY briefly in Johannesburg a few months ago, but nothing that really would make an impression.

My office is a block from Aurora Audio, and I've read very good things on the GTP-8, but haven't used it and can't make an informed decision.

Anyone have both these? or has used both these units?

I'm looking for a very clean workhorse series of 8... don't want much coloration, but don't want sterility either.

If either sounds 'better' subjectively on drums specifically I'd like to know.


I have the GTQC and do love it (same pre-amp). When I picked it up in L.A., Goeff gave a whole hour tour of his shop -- great gear and support from a real gentleman.