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We recently had a customer with a FCS Pico 502, which worked fine until he added a Kush Electra to his lunchbox. As soon as he installed the Electra the Pico stopped compressing.

The customer sent us the Pico and it was 100% functional.
We thought it over and through some deductive analysis, we thought that perhaps the Electra made use of the API standard link connection, pin 6 on the EDAC connector.

The Pico has a zerohm jumper to connect the detector link function to pin 6 so that you can make 2- Pico 502 into a stereo bus comp. The customer was not going to use link, so I removed the jumper...

Low and behold, when he got the Pico back, both it and the Electra functioned.

Anyway, unsanctioned use of legacy pinout standards is fine until a module in the rack needs to use that connector in a valid way...

Kind of surprised that this hasn't been dealt with by now.

Hope that helps!
Roger Foote

Foote Control Systems