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Running lights is a full-time job - at least during the show.
Running sound is a full-time job - at least during the show.
This all depends on your requirements, and I mostly agree for sound. I prefer a soundman, but will handle sound from the stage if the budget is too tight.

In a band-setting I've had great success with pre-programmed light-shows for each song controlled by a setlist-manager. I've used Enttec DMXIS to arrange scenes and sequences for light/fog/smoke for each song on the repertoar. The key to a good "flow" is to create separate sequences for the pauses between songs so you get more variation. Sequences include details such as special focus on individual band-members during solo parts. The progress is then controlled by a lyrics/setlist manger (Bandhelper). My stage-effects-rig consist of 8 RGBW zoomeable wash/spot moving-heads, 12 RGBAW+UW LED PARs, a hazer and a smoke-machine, but the software solution could handle a much more complex rig.

You definitely need one or more dedicated light people if the show is more improvised, a musical, theatre or anything of that nature.