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I would say the choice of subwoofer would be crucial to the installation. A fair amount of the resources available might be dedicated to this and such, smaller and less "powerful" speakers might be used for the mains. Is there any dialogue in a center channel type of thing? If so, you may want to a little bit beefier on that as well. The Mackie stuff might be a good choice (I know......sacrilege to say that......) but it's pretty decent for the lower budget stuff.

MSP 5's rock. The Event monitor series is great bang for the buck as well. Do you plan on using all active speakers or having some passive ones in their as well? Passive obviously denotes the need for amps, but it may be easier than running power AND signal cables all over the place. I think Bose also makes an "outdoor" series of speakers meant for installation purposes that are pretty robust and sound decent as well.......