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Did you contact MOTU? They're pretty fast at responding to tech links.

Used to happen to me with an audio interface from MOTU (not the MIDI interface) and I would delete the phantom ones from Audio Midi Setup. They might have a suggestion or a patch for your specific interface.

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I use the MOTU line as well (since mid 90's and after Opcode stopped making the great Studio5 etc), and currently have an ExpressXT and MicroExpress.

.. One problem I have had over the last few years though, and wondering if anyone else has encountered this, because it drives me nuts...

is that my Audio/Midi setup wants to create NEW instances of MOTU midi interfaces all the time... which is a PITA with a lot of external midi, (redragging midi i/o all the time etc)... It happens at BOTH my studios, so I don't think it's specific to my system... and happens with BOTH devices... and has happened from OSX updated from 10.6.8 to 10.8.5... I download their new drivers or reinstall them once in awhile to try and make the problem go away to no avail...

Anyone else deal with this, have experienced it? or know a fix?