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For needing a solution to use multiple midi devices, I much prefer to use a proper midi router. This is what I did after initially daisy-chaining, using THRU etc. After buying my 1st used Motu 8X8 router (MTP-AV's), that was a great move, and was so much better. I was also happy that I got these things for pretty cheap, typically selling from $40-$100 from eBay...$20.00 may be possible, but you'll be waiting a while for that price. I'd say $50.00 is a very fair buying price for how good these thing things are and do.

Even those 'older' Motu MTP-AV 8X8 midi 'SERIAL' version routers can work just as well as their 'less older' USB versions. I have 'both' and I don't even use their USB out into my PC's, I use one of the eight standard midi outputs into my audio interface's midi in. It really depends on your needs and what you want to do.

I use midi routers for most all of my midi gear. But I have 4 Yamaha DTXpress III drum trigger modules for my custom/extended ekit, which only have Midi In & Midi Out. Within these drum modules parameters, I can make a setting that also allows their 'OUT' to act as a 'THRU' simultaneously. So I run my 4 drum modules in succession (in a daisy-chain), then the fourth module go's out, into my Motu router. Wiith using my drum modules, I can only hit so may trigger pads at any one time. It's not like a sequencer spitting out TONS of midi information. I have no issues at all with my drum trigger module's being daisy-chained....even though I have spares! Though I won't daisy-chain the rest of my midi gear.