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It was the plugable 7 port USB 3 hub, got it off Amazon. I had a , the Toshiba drive (ext powered), midi keyboard, running off it. I did notice with this USB hub it didn't have an off switch and it would keep the drive powered even after the laptop shuts down.
I think I know the hub you're talking about, I own it.

The plugable USB 3.0 hub (this, one specifically) is not suitable for USB 3. It is not capable of copying large files between USB 3 devices without glitching. It took me WEEKS to figure this out (many failed system backups). Easy to confirm if you experience the issue as well. From a command prompt do a copy of a few large files to/from a USB 3 drive connected to that hub, using the /V switch to validate the files:

copy /V *.m4p g:\temp

I use WD passport USB3 drives all the time. They're quite good for backups and file transfer. Have never used them as "live" drives for music production.

I don't have a recommendation for a GOOD USB 3 hub, by the way. My own solution to that problem was to install a VIA PCIe USB 3 card in that PC. (Lucky it was a desktop.) USB 3 sucks pretty hard, for lots of reasons. It's nice when it works, though.