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Thanks man!

1) Guitar pedals work very well with synths I think. Of course the old pedals have more character than the new modern digital ones, but I like working with them. Often the combination is great. For example, a Roland space echo, and a Strymon bluesky. Great duo :-). I like the strymon very much, but it's a bit clean. Together with the space echo, it's wonderfull. It depends a bit on the type of layer. An old sovtek big muff is great, but maybe not al the layers with fuzz need to sound that muddy. Sometimes the sound source is allready organic and vintage enough.

Yes, if possible I record analog synths in two channels. One clean, and one with FX. Also my old space echo's (I use the type RE-150) has that opportunity for separate direct- and echo out. Really nice.

2) I know what you mean about the album vs pre-tracks. I see it as a comliment, because with the pre-tracks I did the recording/mixing/mastering all by myself :-). Sometimes the demo/sketches can be more appealing to some people than the finished product. The rawness makes it more honest maybe.
For my next album I definitely want that rawness and purity integrate more into the final mix.

I have great plans for that allready by the way:-)