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USB Hub kills Ext HD. Looking for a new SSD.

Maybe.. although I'm pretty sure my external HD is kaput. I had my setup running well until I decided to get a USB hub for my laptop last week.

I guess it could've just been the drives time to go (few years old Toshiba 3TB), but when I tried to restart my laptop (Lenovo) with the USB hub still plugged in, it hung up on the restart to a black screen so I forced the shutoff. Then presumed dead after verifying a few things.

It was the plugable 7 port USB 3 hub, got it off Amazon. I had a , the Toshiba drive (ext powered), midi keyboard, running off it. I did notice with this USB hub it didn't have an off switch and it would keep the drive powered even after the laptop shuts down.

Anyways, can anyone recommend a good external SSD, preferably around 750gb min and USB3. What I had on it before was just my spitfire audio libraries, komplete, , other samples. Not going to be recording if that matters at all. And I definitely don't want to use this USB hub anymore. Any recommendations for a good one to get?