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Old 28th January 2004
I guess splitting this thread into a "questions about designing a mobile recording unit" was a bad idea. Too bad...

Usually, I add up the total wattage needed to run the system and add anywhere from 25 to 50% more on top of that. That goes for the company switch, distro and isolation transformer.

Single phase 208 to 240 volts is what we have on board. Our truck doesn't have any gear that requires three phase service and we're not running enough amperage to warrant splitting the load across three legs, so it was a no brainer.

Truck one has a 200 amp safety switch. I have two 100 amp distros and an outside panel on that switch. Tech & aux power panels are rated at 100 amps each. We never come close to that on our biggest dates.

Back in the day of big (energy eating) multitrack machines, I wanted to be able to turn on our decks with plenty of juice to spare. Those 2" machines (when turned on together) give you a pretty big spike. Nowadays, 30 to 50 amps for tech power is more then plenty of power.

100 amp single phase service with camlock disconnects sounds like a good plan.