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Old 24th February 2016
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Yes, I organize it by myself with help from others. My brother is always in the team. We have the same taste, and always know exactly what is needed. He's the one who runs our wic-recording label by the way. Besides my brother, I often get help from two other guys/friends. This also depends on the setting. One is a professional photographer, and the other is a amateur camera man. He's the one who ownes a big crane, you can see very well in this shot: (1.58 sec).

About making video's, I'm totaly selfmade, and learned everything by just doing it. I'm not a professional, but I know what I want. I've always been very interested in the pictures, movies, etc, but never had a lesson in.
For editing I use final cut pro. That works for me just as intuitive as for example logic.

What I should recommend to artists that want to learn how to do this themselves, is:
Buy a camera, a dolly (or stand) and final cut pro. Ask a friend to help you, and GO FOR IT!.
To begin, I really think it's that simple. By doing it, you get more and more ideas. Having ideas is more important than skills in the beginning. (skills you can always learn during the process).

Indeed, the HermanBroodAcademy has no education in video. Who knows in the future.... :-)