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When I created this thread, it was mainly because I wondered what sample rate people *mixed* at.

What I mean is, I really don't think there's that much difference in the sound of the captured audio.

But once you start piling on the plugins, that's where the difference may well be worth it. And nearly all of the people on this forum are mixing ITB or at least processing a lot of stuff ITB, with plugins that oversample a LOT.

I'm currently up sampling my current album project (before tracking drums and re-tracking most elements that are in the demos) but i would probably put it down to OCD more than anything.



I wouldn't "leave" this thread, thinking that only the plugins are affected with the sample rate change.
Put some vocals and acoustic guitar in front of a good mic in a live room, and change your sample rate in real time. I think you'll hear some serious stuff changing!