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It's really only online I see any strong defence of higher sample rates.
From Pono to Tidal there are a hundred schemes of "hi-definition" audio. And i really doubt that Neill Young can still hear frequencies and dynamic-differences above CD-quality at his age....

There is an industry incentive for hi-definition and insane sample rates, because of the susceptibility of such a market for music piracy. A market that attends said idea of "pristine fidelity", Authenticity, and such elitist, esoteric marketing-terms is a early adopter high-end market in which you donĀ“t have to sell as many pieces to make a profit, also, the licensing models and music-subsciption services can demand hefty prices for people who wanna surf the latest hype and the probability of widespread ripping and pirating is not as probable as in a lower tech market segment which retains to the 44.1 for obvious, biological and technical reasons.

My suspicion at the moment? Tidal and associates run a huge law-firm acting against soundcloud at any instance. Because of said fact. Why have a market opponent providing free stuff for everyone, when their technical legality is in the grey for a lot of their users content when you want people to pay you 20$ and more to not even be able to OWN the music on any of your offline devices.