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Old 21st February 2016
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Ha Jeroen,

Yes, before I shoot the video, I thought about the track, the equipment, lights and the setting and the cams. I prepare the track for 75%. The rest I leave it for the moment. I choose the equipment that I think fits together for the track.
Mostly I shoot the video at home. I think in advance if I want to stand (most of the jams), or sit (Jam 1, 2), or sit on the ground (Jam 15).

Other video's with featurings are on location. The video's with Dave (drummer) I recorded in the "sandlane" studio.

I have a few canon cams, a dolly, a set of lights with dimmers and a friend with a 5m crane :-). The jams I do alone, and the video's at location I do with a small team of three guys. (we rent some extra cams if necessary).

All my video's are live performances. Mostly I do a few takes (somewhere around 5/6). Then I edit the movie myself in final cut.

For the last jam 18, I did only one take, including the ms202 editing :-)