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Het PTB,

Just to be sure:
The tracks of my album "a blinding light moment" are mixed by someone else. All my other stuff is mixed by myself.

About my album:

1 - Do you just let him do his thing or is it a joint effort?
I make the first mix myself, and give that logic session to the mixer.
He follows my creative decisions, but ensures that the mix gets a better quality with better equipment.

2 - Do you feel most of the mix is already done since you're using external FX and focus in on a proper arrangement or are you guys doing a decent amount of mixing after recording?
That's right. Making sound mostly was done before the mixing. But during the mixing process there is mainly worked on the placement of sounds in the mix, (besides dynamics, etc).

3 - You mentioned you sometimes merge parts (kick with bass, etc). I would see this being an extra challenge to 'mix' them but perhaps this is part of your sound. You also mentioned you're not using HW compression so not sure how you're side chaining / keeping the bass out of the kick's way when you're composing and then tracking. Doesn't this make it harder for you guys to get right after the fact?
If the bass and kick recorded separately, you can sidechain in the box if that proves to be necessary. But some tracks on my album have only merged parts. In that case, it feels like mixing with only subgroups. But still it turned out to be fine. Again, the real creative choices have already been made, and with enough parts, there is still plenty of room to get something done in the mix.

4 - Any key pieces of gear / processes in the mixing stage that you feel really brings it all together for a final LudoWic production?
I do not know exactly, I'd have to ask my mix engineer.
As regards the beats (and some times merge with bass); I always route this through the korg MS10, with the external input knob to the max. That gives a great gritty character, and ensures that it all sounds like really one thing (instead of a few different parts). This "MS10-beat" I mix again with the original beat. Thats works always for me :-).

5 - Any examples of how you guys added that extra level of creativity to a track in the mixing stage only?
Hmmm, that is hard to put into words.
It is important to determine which parts of the track should have the main attention of the listener. Dare to allow those parts to take in a lot of room in the mix.