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Collaborating with your Engineer

Hey Wic

Last question on my end for ya. Thanks again for being so generous with sharing your knowledge and tips about your tools of the trade.

Can you tell us how you collaborate with your mix engineer?

For example,
  • Do you just let him do his thing or is it a joint effort?
  • Do you feel most of the mix is already done since you're using external FX and focus in on a proper arrangement or are you guys doing a decent amount of mixing after recording?
  • You mentioned you sometimes merge parts (kick with bass, etc). I would see this being an extra challenge to 'mix' them but perhaps this is part of your sound. You also mentioned you're not using HW compression so not sure how you're side chaining / keeping the bass out of the kick's way when you're composing and then tracking. Doesn't this make it harder for you guys to get right after the fact?
  • Any key pieces of gear / processes in the mixing stage that you feel really brings it all together for a final LudoWic production?
  • Any examples of how you guys added that extra level of creativity to a track in the mixing stage only?

Thanks again and looking forward to more music and YT jam sessions!