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Old 19th February 2016
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Good questions!

1 - How do you get yourself in the moment where everything just flows?
Go with the flow :-), and assume that you only partly under control.
Try to be open to coincidences
2 - You mentioned you do everything in 1 take but what happens when you love everything about a performance except for 1 thing - do you do it all over again?
No, I'm not doing it all over again. I leave it. It makes no sense to continue until everything is 100% perfect, because that's usually not feasible. I always do a few takes, but at the end the first one is usualy the best. In the beginning I still have most of the focus, and I am much more concentrate on the flow instead of perfection.
3 - Are you rehearsing a lot before you decide to record or simply allow yourself to just be and perform?
I rehearse a little, but absolutely not a lot. I want the idea still to be fresh when I go to recording. Otherwise it is no good for the spontaneity
4 - How do you separate yourself from perfection? So what I mean here is that the slightest tweak to the left or right makes a big difference with analog gear and there's no undo button like in a DAW. So, how do you keep the ship running so tight when everything is so liquid?
First of all, I realize very well that perfection is boring. I like the raggedness very much. At the same time, I also want it to be tight from time to time. Knowing your gear is the key I think. I know what a slightest tweak to the left or right do on every synth I have in my studio, so that keep's me running the ship :-)