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Well, it depend on the track indeed.
I have a mackie 24-4 mixer. I like that one, because of the nice distortion you get by driving the gain input.

Some tracks I go stereo out of the mackie into the apogee. I do this for two reasons. 1 - because I like it how the mackie merge the tracks together.
2 - Because of the workflow. Sometimes I like it to have no total recall. It forces me to finish the track that day and to be satisfied with. When I'm mixing in the box, the amount of options makes me feel that it is never finished. Then I continue to doubt :-).

But if I can not finish a track at once, I use more separate inputs for each synth, so I can work on later. Then I use the dynamics in the box (logic). I don't have much hardware dynamics (I'm going to invest in later :-).

Reverbs I like to use hardware (KNAS, strymon, timeline, space echo, copycat, and ESE echomatic). A hardware synth responds quite differently to a hardware reverb compared to a plugin.