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I used to run an MR816X rig in tandem with Panasonic/Ramsa WZ series converters for a total of 16 channels I/O... Overall it was pretty good, but I remember a few quirks (some of which may have been addressed in subsequent firmware/driver updates) come mix-time when configured as hardware inserts:

--If I recall correctly the monitor volume control would affect all stereo output pairs, instead of being assignable to a single stereo out... Adjusting the monitor volume would affect the send volume to any hardware inserts... I think...

--The accumulated latencies for each unit were different -- meaning the 816 may have a round trip offset of 5 samples, whereas the Panasonics had 8. You could work around it by adjusting the sample offset per insert, but sort of annoying...

--Inter-sample drift will obviously be different for each unit, so I'd always try to avoid spreading any sort of phase coherent sources across both units -- any sort of parallel processing, even drum submixes to err on the side of caution. Knowing drums are your primary concern coming in, you may want to keep less prominent close mic'd channels -- like toms -- on the secondary unit.