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This procedure will be the same for the original, AKG-made, ELA M 251, and the copy mic that Telefunken/North America issues:

1. Unscrew the center contact stalk of the head assembly counter-clockwise. If it does not come off with your fingers, use smooth-walled pliers around a piece of leather, to prevent scratches to the stalk

2. Remove the circular clear plastic cover of the switch assembly at the bottom of the head, which was held in place by the stalk

3. Losen, by one half turn, both large slot screws that hold the angle brackets in place. These brackets serve to hold the head assembly to the mic's frame bars

4. Gently turn the head assembly clockwise against the head basket, about 45ยบ until the head assembly clears. If it does not clear easily, losen the two screws another half turn

5. Remove the head assembly from the basket straight up, paying attention to keep the capsule centered as you lift the assembly off, to prevent damage to the diaphragms

Reassembly is exactly in reverse. Pay attention not to overtighten the two slot screws once the capsule has been properly aligned front-to-aft.