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Not trolling and I'll probably get flamed but I don't buy the U47 myth. I don't think they sound as great as they are purported to be (yes. I've used one and A/Bd one with much cheaper tube mics). If somebody gave me one that I could never sell, I wouldn't use it. I quit using any tube mics because I don't want the hassle of extra power supplies and extra cables.
Unless you're hearing characteristics that add emotion or impact or something else that you aren't getting any other way, then absolutely it is not going to be worth the expense and added inconvenience. Tube mics in general are larger, more cumbersome (added PS, cables), not to mention noisier and less reliable than most others, so you have to have compelling reasons to want to go there.

There's no shame in saying that something doesn't move you or have "that *it* thing" for you, and looking elsewhere. But that doesn't make it a myth. Nor does it make it any less legitimate for those who see value in a particular sound to take the epic journey (if that's what's required, as is the case with the U47/48) to get there.