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Doc, i noticed the latte doesn't have a clock i/o, do u know why he left it out?
From the Manual [on clocking]

1. Q: How come no fancy PLL's

A: Multi-stage PLL's do a wonderful job of attenuating time base problems from the outside world. We at JCF Audio believe that all of the hype surrounding well-designed, more complex, more expensive multi-stage PLL's is true and they will do exactly what is said and proved of them time and time again. We at JCF audio also believe that this is not important in this unit. The simple 1 stage device that is part of the CS8416 AES receiver is absolutely adequate.

2. Q: How come no word clock connections

A: Doing a good job with WC inputs is difficult and for the application just didn't seem useful enough to implement. The addition of WC inputs to the device would also further complicate an already complex, user definable clocking setup. In addition, we hope to avoid it's being placed in a rack along with some popular clocking products. WC outputs, while much easier to derive, didn't seem useful either. If a Latte or Lattes need to be chained such as that they all receive the same AES clock source, please contact JCF Audio and we will give you some tips as to how one may accomplish that task.