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Any feedback on the difference between the Latte's DMT/DA section vs the DA8-V?
The DA8v is based on the ampex 351 tube-transformer sound, which gives the sound a "weight" like no others I've tried. Gotta be from the giant Output Transformers. The Bottom end is gigantic and feels like it extended for a mile. It is Very, "tubey/thick/heavy" and punchy sounding. Varying levels will saturate signals but its always very "godlike". It adds a lot of balls and dense heft. It enhances the overtones and provides something "beautiful" sounding, to my ears. A golden Tube sound that enhances signals. It turns your computer into a Vintage Tube Recorder on Playback.

The Latte's DMT is based on the Ampex 440 transistor-discrete-transformer tape reproduce circuitry. Custom Cinemags surround 4 transistors. It's "effect" is essentially emulating the "reach" and pristine plackback sound of a vintage master tape recorder. A lot of the magic with this is what you DONT hear, but also the lower octave is extended and the depth is unreal. It is extremely colored sounding however, and the top end reminds me of listening to my vinyl collection at home. Comfortable. Correct. Ear pleasing. Listening to the "computer" from this box is life changing.

Hope this reply is of assistance