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Thanks for answering Tchad. It's much appreciated.

I've always been a fan of bold panning as you seem to be. Other than "well this sounds good", do you also consider what group of instruments work well together when panned together, or perhaps which ones work together when they're opposite from each other?
Say you have drums and bass panned hard, do you tend to filter the low end more (or at least differently) then when panned centered?

Also, I know you're a big fan of compressors and other toys, but what about mics (I'm sure you've at least got a passing interest) Are you more a put-whatever-mic-near-a-good-source guy or are you quite particular about which mics (or which types) get used for certain sounds? You a fan of ribbons?

Thanks again!
Definately shape the sound when panning (EQ / compression).
I don't think things out very much when I'm mixing. I'm not an engineer with great technical knowledge, so yes, I twiddle knobs until it sounds right.
And it's not just OB toys I collect and use but also instruments. Toy instruments, cheap guitars and amps and drums, anything for percussion. Trash cans to put little amps+mics in to get a resonant sound (mechanical filters). That way I'm not always relying on studio OB gear.
I know my mics reasonably well but I still just grab whatever is up and ready to go, unless there's a problem sound that requires something specific.
I like 'creating mistakes', not controlling a session or situation too much.
It seems to push me around a bit..... keeps me doing things differently.
All that said, I love ribbons (although my Coles died 6 years ago and I never had it repaired) but my favorite mic is an Elam 251 or the reissue Telefunken 251(sadly I don't own either...someday..), Sure 57's are my second fav.