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I've gotten some use out of them, but not for their intended purpose. Since I'm doing mainly film scores, I have little need for dedicated processors for "backing vox" or "rhythm guitar", but I got all the CLA plugs when I bought the Mercury bundle on sale a while back. When I was just fiddling around and checking out the zillions of plugins I'd probably never use, I found that some of them were good one-stop processors for various synths, hybrid sounds, and orchestral effects type things. Some of the ones that have sort of micro-pitch doublers and mid-range focused eq curves were surprising when applied to some of the murky, washy sounds I use in my scores, and gave me a little more radical sound-shaping than I might have done if I was chaining a bunch of "normal" plugins. So in that sense I was not too angry that I have a bunch of those CLA plugins cluttering up my Waves folder. It's not like I use them all the time in a rock mixing template or whatever, but having them around when I know that a certain sound needs some juice (but I'm not sure if it needs pineapple or guava) can be useful.

That said, in my situation I would not have bought them unless they came as part of a bundle that had other stuff I wanted.
Thank you sincerely for the excellent response.